Resources for survivors

Resources for Survivors of Suicide Loss


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Flyer of Unfinished Conversation
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Resources for Suicide Loss

Resources for Suicide Prevention

In the News

Facts about Suicide

Facts about Suicide in the Military

Survivor Support Groups in your community:

AFSP Support Group Directory

Find a Therapist:
Select a licensed psychotherapist who has been trained and certified in the treatment of traumatic experience, and who works with how your loss has affected you mentally, emotionally, as well as the effects on your body and nervous system. The following are organizations of therapists who use such holistic approaches, are highly respected in the professional therapeutic community, and have websites that list licensed therapists near you:

Unfinished Conversation Appendix:
Printable PDF Handouts
Tool Kit for Your Journey to Healing
Instructions for Meditation: Sitting and Walking
Tonglen Meditation: Taking In Pain and Sending Out Relief
Creating Support
Clinical Theory Behind Unfinished Conversation’s Healing Process
Resources for Survivors of Suicide
Resources for Suicide Prevention
Readings to Support Your Journey to Healing

Self-Care Handouts to Support Your Journey:

Needs Inventory
Common Feelings
Common Sensations
Common Qualities and Values
Creating a Safe-Secure Space – for Yourself
Self-Inquiry Journal
Three Stages of Trauma Recovery
Personal Bill of Rights
Cognitive Distortions

Basic Breathing Practices
Conscious Nutrition
Deep Sleep
Support Through CDs

Creating a Safe-Authentic Space – With a Partner
Intentions, Fears, and Boundaries
Conscious Communication Guidelines

Additional Resources and Handouts:

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