Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Preface: by Shoshana Alexander

Chapter 1: The Journey Begins
Journal Exercises:
Beginning Your Journal
First reactions
About the Tool Kit for Your Journey to Healing

Chapter 2: Shock and Disbelief
Journal Exercises:
Telling Others
The First Day
Beginning the Conversation

Chapter 3: Disregarded Warnings
Journal Exercises:
Signs of Suicide
Contributing Factors
Last Contact
Remorse and Regret

Chapter 4: Unanswered Questions
Journal Exercises:
Creating a Place of Honor
Attitudes about Suicide
Remembering Shared Pleasures

Chapter 5: Delving Deeper
Journal Exercises:
Fear and Fearlessness
Depression as a Disease
Physical Pain
Treatment and Medication
Contributing Factors

Chapter 6: An Absence
Journal Exercises:
Your Loved Ones Place
The Means
Individual Ways of Grieving

Chapter 7: Farewells
Journal Exercises:
Suicide Notes
Continuing in Another Form
Words of Inspiration
Gathering to Say Farewell

Chapter 8: Getting Real
Journal Exercises:
Creating Dialogues
Talking about the Hard Stuff
Guilt and Remorse
Unfinished Business

Staying Connected

Chapter 9: Emotional Roller Coaster
Journal Exercises:
A Prayer for Your Loved One
Break in Belonging
Highs and Lows

Chapter 10: Trying to Understand

Journal Exercises:
Becoming Curious
Relationship with Animals and Pets
Grieving Around Strangers
Transforming Shame

Chapter 11: Gaining Perspective
Journal Exercises:
Depression and Reprieves
But Things Were Getting Better
Further Investigations

Chapter 12: Transitional States
Journal Exercises:
Being In-Between
Negative and Positive Influences
Their Soul’s Mission
After Death Beliefs
Peace. . . Be Still

Chapter 13: Revealing the Shadow
Journal Exercises:
Your Loved One’s Shadow
Gifts of the Shadow
Exploring Your Own Dark Side

Chapter 14: Gathering to Remember
Journal Exercises:
Remembering or Creating a Memorial
The Uncensored Eulogy

Chapter 15: Abandoned
Journal Exercises:
Reflecting on Dreams
Betrayal and Abandonment
Remembering through a Song or Poem

Chapter 16: Missing Pieces
Journal Exercises:
Relationships: Love and Challenge
Questions for Others
Finding Supportive Connection

Chapter 17: Tracking the Unraveling
Journal Exercises:
Life Review
Defining Moments
Qualities and Contributions

Chapter 18: Turning Point
Journal Exercises:
The Healing Story
The Power of Place
Gifts and Lessons
Turning toward Acceptance

Chapter 19: Discovering Inter-being
Journal Exercises:
Living on Inside You
The Good-bye Letter

Epilogue: Saying Goodbye to My Buddy
Journal Exercises:
The Gift of Grieving Again
Recreating the Final Hours
Ongoing Conversation
Paying It Forward
Reclaiming Your Life

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4. Resources for Survivors of Suicide PDF
5. Resources for Suicide Prevention PDF
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